Are you planning to visit Zurich and you love to run? Then this Blog with its running routes in Zurich maybe is the perfect start of an unforgettable journey.

Running routes in Zurich | The story

Running route in Zurich - Grossmuenster At NightThe story behind “Running routes in Zurich” is actually very basic. My girlfriend and myself are very ambitious and passionate runners and we love to travel the world. For one thing we like to combine these two passions by “sightseeing runs” and on the other hand we are always looking for training routes to perform our hard trainings units.

Finding the best running routes in unknown cities is very difficult. There are several tools, helping you to reduce the sheer amount of available routes. But most of these tools do not offer sufficient information, which offers one an idea about what the  the “goodness” of a route is or if it fits for a special purpose like hard training units.

And because I know the struggles I thought to help people like me, which are looking for good running routes in zurich especially. Inter alia I am convinced that Zurich is a must for runners who like to travel, because it seems to be built for runners: “Zürich must have been planned and built by runners […]”

Further motivation to create this website came when I arranged the running routes for our trip to singapore. During the preparation I found a blog entry on Ladyexplorer, which offered all the necessary running route information at once.  This page gave us a practically effortless and unique approach to this beautiful city. So, if you need an additional inspiration for your next trip, go to Singapore and check out all the beautiful spots there.

Zurich running routes in Zurich | my recommendation List

Of course I would like seeing you browsing through all descriptions and pictures of my running routes in zurich. To give you a starting point for your Zurich discovery I listed my favorites below:

  1. Power Tourist
  2. Üetliberg
  3. Zurich Tourist
  4. Lake Front
  5. Hönggerberg 
  6. Limmat

Now I just wish you happy running while discovering the most beautiful city by foot.

Zurich running routes sorted by starting point