You are interested in Parks and Villas and you love lakes? This FIFA Hotel Ascot running route to the Rieter park and the lake Zurich is tailored to you. After enjoying the Belvoir and Rieter park you follow the lake promenade back to the Hotel.

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Lake Zurich – Description

Running route in Zurich - Hotel Alexander running route - Quai BridgeIt doesn’t discourages you if your run takes more than 30 minutes and has little hills? And you like the lake shore?
This route brings you directly to two small parks. It’s worth to run a few minutes uphill to visit the Rieter Park with its famous museum and to enjoy the beautiful and different view over the lake Zurich. Before going back, the route takes you along the lake promenade with a pier, bridge, lido and small harbor. Don’t hesitate to jump in the water if the temperature is high enough.

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