From Hotel Alexander, follow the running route and do sightseeing the fast way. Ticking famous sights like Lindenplatz, Paradeplatz, Grossmünster and more, from your bucket list.

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Sightseeing – Description

Running route in Zurich - Hotel Alexander running route - GrossmuensterYou like to discover a city by feet? You are the first time in Zurich?
With the Hotel Alexander sightseeing running route you will run along several famous sights and places which Zurich is famous for. The possibility is very high, that you will explore corners of Zurich which you don’t know yet.
Sights on this route:

  1. Limmatquai
  2. Schipfe
  3. Lindenplatz
  4. Bahnhofstrasse
  5. Schanzengraben
  6. Paradeplatz
  7. Bürkliplatz
  8. Fraumünster
  9. Grossmünster
  10. Predigergasse

Good to know

The route is not straight forward. Therefore try to stick to the path. Because you will run from one sight to the other you always have to share the route with many tourists, so be careful and smile.

Route Infos

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