You like to run, but you don’t have time? Choose this Hotel City Zurich running route to follow the river limmat to the lido “Oberer Letten” and back.

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Limmat – Description

Running route in Zurich - Hotel Alexander running route - Limmat

Do you have the need to be active after a long day? Do you enjoy running along rivers? Or do you like to run, but no long distances – then this is the route of your choice. 
The route brings you down to the river Limmat and brings you to the river bath “Oberer Letten”. On the way back, the route switches the side of the river and brings you through the beautiful Platzspitz park back to the hotel.

Good to know

It’s good to live today and not 25 years ago. The urban and juventile area around river bath “Oberer Letten” and “Platzspitz Park” were sadly famous for the open drug scene during the ninties. Today you won’t find any signs from then. And of course it’s save to go there. Especially during summer times you will find many Zurich people enjoing the warm weather and a cooling in the river. Don’t hesitate to jump in as well.

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