With “along the Sihl” I present an alternative to the may be exhausting city running experience. Nonetheless it this route is part of the huge diversity which can be found around Zurich.

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AutobahnPfeilerEven if a city can’t offer the most advanced running infrastructure (which is of course not true for Zurich) it’s a great experience to discover it in a running manner. The velocity increases the sheer number of sights you can visit, nevertheless it’s not too fast to don’t miss potential “side” treasures. Getting around by feet maintains the flexibility to stop easily where ever you like, lets you use short cuts and covers thereby city areas which are not on the standard tourist map. Funny side effect is the “runners invisibility”. Even in bad quarters the citizens dodge because of the runners velocity and bad guys are somehow less interested, may be because runners do not carry any valuables.

Running in the city center has also its downsides. Many (famous) places are crowded, what it makes very annoying, the dominance of the concreate and asphalt can be soul-burdening next to the stress for the joints and following a structured training plan is not possible because of the numerous interruptions.


The route

With the route “Along the Sihl” I present you an interesting alternative. Sihl is one of the two major rivers which flow through Zurich. Starting from the shopping center Sihl City right at the outskirts from Zurich brings you the path next to the Sihl back to nature and to one of Zurich’s best genuine training areas. You can go (very) long, you can go fast, or you can go up and down.

AllmendThe mostly good road surface invites you to run (there and back) 25 km and more. It’s your decision how far you want to run. If you only want to run one-way you select one of the numerous train stations along the route and take the train back.

I present you two routes suggestions:

  • The first one is a longjog along the Sihl. It’s very easy and you can’t get lost.
  • The second route includes altitude.

Therefore, if you are looking for a city running alternative, plan a tough training or just want to enjoy more nature, then this is may be the route you are looking for?


Option with altitude:

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Route Infos
  • Start – End: Sihl City Shopping Center
  • Feasible for hard Trainings: Yes
  • Altimeter / Difficulty of the running course: Easy / Medium