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Elephant Run

Every runner has its own running motivation. Some of you may have a very stressful job and need this “privacy time” to free up the mind or develop the next top selling product. Others may follow a training plan to reach the next personal running goal or just want to increase their quality of life. No matter what your very own motivation is it’s not primarily dependent on the running environment. Try the running route Zurich Elefant.

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Zurich’s local mountain – Üetliberg

Preparing a trip to Zurich brings you sooner or later to the “house mountain” Üetliberg. The top offers breath taking views over the city of Zurich and its lake. If the weather plays along the glorious vista gets its finish by the glowing Alps in the background.

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Limmat River Run

Limmat river run offers its own variety within Zurich’s variety (From City to Nature, from easy to intense and from short to long all year long).

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Download GPX File: HERE

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